Alumni Cruise 2020

Fellow Tuskegeans, TU Faculty, Staff and Friends of Alumni:
The Tuskegee University National Nursing Alumni Association (TUNNAA) invites
all Tuskegee University (TU) Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Friends of Tuskegeans to
travel and cruise with them to embark upon a journey to explore and enjoy the
intriguing culture and wonders of the…
“United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sir Bani Yas
The Nations of Qatar and Bahrain”
(Cruise Dates: March 2–9, 2020)

There is still time to register …But Hurry You’re almost too late!!

Note: The actual cruise dates do not include travel days to and from Dubai (before and after the cruise). Make plans to be able to arrive in Dubai a day and a half to two (2) days before the ship sails. Join us as we…. travel with a purpose! Make this an opportunity to reunite with old Tuskegee classmates and friends as we travel together to: have fun, celebrate life and behold the opulence and fascinating cultures of the Arabian Peninsula. Enjoy having dinner under the stars in the desserts of Dubai, high tea aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 or atop the world’s only seven star hotel (Burj Al Arab Jumeirah).

  • Attend the accredited onboard in-service education program, “The Education Summit at Sea”… wherein professionals i.e.: nurses, physicians, social workers, dieticians, psychologists, attorneys and all members of the Tuskegee group are afforded the opportunity to receive information which can be used to enhance their overall job performance, and transform their lives and life choices.
  • Volunteers are needed to present on informational topics related to: physical/psychological health, personal development and financial management.
  •  You can help make this trip a tax deductible voyage for possibly yourself and others by volunteering to present.
  •  Deadline to give notice regarding presenting during the Education Summit: August 1, 2019. Send an e-mail today to discuss the topic you’d like to address to:

Single individuals….do not hesitate to sign up if you do not have a travel partner. Every effort will be taken to pair you up with another single traveler from our group. As a single person, you cannot register online. You must contact the Travel Agent to register.

Passports are needed. If you do not have a passport, you must start the passport application process right away. If you have a passport, be certain to check the date of expiration. New passport regulations… requires that a passport not expire within 6 months after the end date of a trip abroad. If it does expire within the 6 months time frame, you must renew the passport in order to take this trip.

FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS: Pre-cruise hotel, Flight schedules and airfare to and from Dubai have not been determined because the departure date for the trip is too far out. This information should become available around mid-March 2019. Our Travel Agency (The PollinGroup) is endeavoring to negotiate discount group airfare from various departure sites
**Do NOT procrastinate! Cabins are going…really fast!!
ACCESS THIS LINK TO REGISTER… learn more about this fabulous trip:
In the meantime… GET READY… for an adventure of a lifetime!

TU Alumni, we are looking forward to seeing you in… DUBAI!!

Jacqueline McCarroll, President
TU National Nursing Alumni Association and
Alumni Cruise Coordinator

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